This half term in our RE, the children have been exploring the Understanding Christianity Unit ‘God’. They have been exploring the Big Question ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’. We have explored the story of Jonah and the Whale, talking about how God is a loving and forgiving being who gives humans second chances. We have listened to hymns which help Christians explore ways to think about God and to praise Him. Recently, we looked at Christian artwork and thought about how Christians may imagine God, without thinking of a man with a white beard. Here are some of the children’s responses:


Guy-God is the Earth.

Naomi-Trees and stars show God is in the universe and in nature.

Evan-the universe represents God because God made everything.

Finley-God has His hands around the world and He brings life.

Rory-God holds the whole world.

Rivers-God is the Trinity.

Grace-The world is inside the Trinity.

Leo-God is a boat holding the world in time and space.

Kiyan-God is the moon, the stars and the sun.

Jack-God is the Earth because we are His creation.


What a wonderful perception of God we have!