The Collection - Lincoln

We had a lovely time on our trip to The Collection in Lincoln as part of our topic on The Egyptians.


Our visit began with a tour and a chance to look at some Egyptian artefacts. We held a replica of the Rosetta Stone and learnt about what it was. Then we took part in a mummification ritual. We took on the role of a Priest and removed all the organs from the dead body. We placed them in a Canopic jar and then weighed the heart to see if the person would be able to enter Heaven.


After that, we learnt about the job of an archaeologist. We studied some photographs and spotted some Egyptian remains. Then we became archaeologist and took part in our own ‘dig’. Once we had found an artefact we studied it and filled in an archaeologist form to try and figure out what the artefact was.


After lunch we all took on roles and acted out an Egyptian play. We loved wearing all the costumes and it also helped us to learn more about the Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs. Finally, we made some Egyptian amulets and necklaces.

It was a fabulous trip. We can’t wait to learn even more about the Egyptians back at school.