Taking Care of our World

During the first week of year 4, the children were introduced to environmental issues such as climate change, plastic pollution and deforestation around the world. The children spent time researching these environmental issues and presented their findings to their peers. The children discussed different ideas and ways of helping to prevent these environmental issues in the classroom, around school and at home. Some children explained that they help adults at home to recycle plastics, metal and paper. Others explained that they walk to school on sunny days to reduce the number of cars on the roads. Some children even planned to complete a litter pick at Cleethorpes beach at the weekend. 


Each child in 4MD wrote an environmental pledge or promise to explain how they would change their behaviours in the classroom and at home to take care of the environment and our beautiful world. Miss MacDougall is proud of the children for their fantastic and thoughtful pledges. The environmental pledges have been displayed around the classroom to remind us of our promises to the Earth.