Creative Homework Tasks

Over the year the class has engaged with a number of different homework tasks, creating posters, fact files, leaflets, wordless and much more. 


Whilst studying Australia, children were asked to design and make their own didgeridoos.  There was a large range of all colours, patterns and sizes, some were even too big to bring in to school so photos were sent from home.



During our study of the Victorian era, children spent time finding out about what life was like for children.  They discovered how life was very different depending on whether you were rich or poor, went to school or work.  Their creative homework task was to design and make a Victorian toy. Once again, they impressed us with the things they brought in.

Victorian Toy Homework

Our latest homework task was to revisit their learning of the water cycle and create a model to show their understanding of how water travels around the different stages of the cycle.


Fabulous pieces of homework, well done 5D!

Water Cycle Homework