Diwali Dance Workshop

As part of our RE study of Hinduism, we took part in a Diwali dance workshop.  The day started with a Year 5 assembly from Christine, a member of the ‘West End in Schools’ dance group.  We looked at different styles of dance and how they have changed over time.  The focus was on Bollywood dance movements.  Christine told us all ‘The Story of Ramayana’ and how it linked to Diwali.


Each class then took it in turns to take part in a dance workshop to create a dance to tell the story which is the focus of the Hindu celebration of Diwali.  We started with a warm up, then we thought about the movements that the animals made that helped Rama and Sita in the forest.   


We focused on the use of different hastas (hand movements) which we would include in our dance: lotus, peacock, bowl of flowers, fan hands, top of the mountain and hole in the wall.  We got to choose our own hastas to use at the end for the popping fireworks celebration.

We were split into three groups to recreate the different parts of the story, each time we had to ‘freeze the picture’ and then ‘move the picture’.


Group 1

Prince Rama, Princess Sita and Lakshmi were sent into exile for 14 years.


Group 2

Demoness King Ravana kidnapped Sita in the forest.


Group 3

Monkey king Hanuman arrived to help.



Great team work to create a dance to retell the story of Rama and Sita.  Well done 5D!