Exploring the life of Thomas Barnardo

As part of our historical study of the Victorian era, we have begun to find out about the life of Dr Thomas Barnardo.  So far, we have found out that he changed from being a selfish young boy into a kind, helpful and well respected gentleman who worked hard to improve the lives of children living in poverty.  We have discovered that he created ‘Ragged schools’ for poor children to equip them with the necessary skills to improve their future by being able to read and write.  When he met a young boy called Jim Jarvis, he realised how many orphaned young children had nowhere to sleep, nowhere to call home.  He created a home for boys and started by homing 25 young boys.  Over the years he has created 96 homes and helped over 8,500 children.


As part of our immersion into our Writing, we created freeze frames to capture some of the different events from his life.


We will continue to find out more about his life as we prepare to write biographies about his life and achievements.