Armley Mills

On Thursday 12th March, 5H took a trip to Armley Mills for a true Victorian experience! Our trip began with the class being taken through the mill with the Gaffer and hearing all about the terrible conditions that children their age would have had to work in (it was very gruesome)!
The Victorian school was probably our favourite part. After having our hands checked for cleanliness and paying a penny to Miss Green, the children were able to take their seats. The children wrote their Victorian names on slate boards and did some maths. We got to see how Victorian children would use an abacus to help them with their additions and subtractions. Next, we had ‘physical gymnastics’. We had to march outside and do drills with our dumbbells- it was very tiring!  Then, the children were able to use quill pens with ink, writing cursive letters into their copybooks- some of the neatest handwriting they have ever done!
Some of the children even experienced the punishments of a Victorian classroom! Freya fell asleep in class and got ‘the board’ to make her stand up straight, whilst poor Logan got the dunce cap! (No one got the cane, thank goodness!)

Miss Green wasn’t too bad though, Archie and Emily L won certificates for their excellent effort in the classroom!

We had a fabulous time and 5H behaved beautifully all day, they were a credit to the Academy.