Class- Led Worship

6B worked extremely hard to produce a superb class- led worship. Our class-led worship, this term, was based upon the big question ‘Why should we remember those we cannot talk to anymore?’. The children decided that they wanted to discuss and focus upon people in their lives that are no longer with us. They created their own acrostic poems to represent the memories they have and how they remember different people. They linked this with the idea of All Saints Day and thought about the people we have lost as our own special saints.  Parents also came to join our worship as well as the rest of KS2.


you know our hearts and share our sorrows.
We are hurt by our parting from those whom we loved:
when we are angry at the loss we have sustained,
when we long for words of comfort,
yet find them hard to hear,
turn our grief to truer living,
our affliction to firmer hope
in Jesus Christ our Lord.