Arts Council

The members of the Arts Council enjoyed looking and evaluating the art around school. These were some of their comments.

Our Arts Team

Foundation Stage:
African Animals from the Arts Festival



We like the detail on the African animals.

The elephant makes us want to look more closely at it, as it is very tactile.

Year 1:
The Rainbow of Handprints



We like how everyone’s hands join together to make the rainbow. It is very unique and stylish.

Year 2:
Pencil Drawings of the Toys



The drawings make you want to stop and look at them as they are so detailed.

Year 3:



The volcanoes are effective as they look so realistic.

Year 4:
The Shields



We like the way collage has been used to create the shields.

Year 5
Morris Printing



We like the Morris printing because when you look closely you can see the patterns.

Year 6:
Kandinsky Pastel Pictures




We like the way the patterns have blended together. They are colourful and intricate.