Lisle Marsden Primary Academy is part of the Eco-schools program and we are proud to have achieved our Green Flag award. We continue on our journey to sustainability through our curriculum delivery. We aim to provide children with the opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of environmental issues, so they have a positive attitude to sustainable living.

Environmental issues are taught as part of our curriculum in both key stages. To compliment this work we also take part in themed events such as Fairtrade Fortnight and Waste Week. 


Another way that we encourage children to make a positive contribution to sustainability is through the Walk to School initiative, which promotes many health and environmental benefits.  Children are encouraged to Walk to School twice a week or more and receive a Strider badge each month as a reward.

At Lisle Marsden we offer extra opportunities for our children to be involved in sustainable activities. We have an Eco-Council who help our Sustainability Leader to promote 'Greener living' across the school. Our Eco-Council team currently have representatives from Years 2 to 6. They meet on a regular basis to discuss sustainability issues. These children are also consulted about future events and are involved in the planning of themed days. We also have a gardening and cooking club, which gives children the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables on the school allotment and then use this produce in their cooking.

At Lisle Marsden we have recently updated our Eco-Code. Our code encourages children to develop and promote environmental awareness from an early age, across our school community and the local environment.