Even if You're Late
Don't Park Near Our Gate!


Lisle Marsden Primary Academy on Lansdowne Avenue have been plagued by bad drivers who drop students off in the no-parking zones right outside the school.

Students have launched a road safety campaign - having become sick of having to dodge traffic on their way to and from the classroom each day.

Grimsby Telegraph 01-04-2017

Year 6 student, Tristan, 10, says he is convinced the new campaign will make a difference.

He said: "Cars always park where they shouldn't on the zig-zag lines.

"We worry about the safety of children because a car could hit them."

His classmate, Will, also 10, said: "Some children walk to school on their own and it can be very dangerous.

"It can be scary when cars are turning around and you don't know where they are going."

Jessica, 10, said: "The banners say clearly that we want it to stop. It needs to be safer for us.

"Children want to know that they can be safe when they walk to school."

After sending out numerous letters to parents, the school's eco-council has launched a last-ditch attempt to try to stop the problem once and for all.

And so two huge banners have been created to be pinned on the school gates, displaying warnings about illegal parking, in a bid to discourage those who opt to ignore the restrictions.

One, with photos of school children, reads "it is dangerous and illegal to stop here, so why do it?" and the other reads, "Even if you're late, don't park near our gate. Stopping here puts lives in danger".

Academy Head Teacher Dan Kinsey said: "For us it's part of safeguarding to make sure all the children are safe and reducing the risk of harm to everyone.

"The children have been fantastic ambassadors and have really been on-board with what we're trying to do."

The new scheme is all part of the school's ongoing work as an eco school, for which it has been handed a green flag award.




That's because staff and students strive to promote sustainability, as well as living a healthy lifestyle and reducing carbon emissions.

A new initiative introduced by staff is a fortnightly walking school bus, where staff wait at the top of Lansdown Avenue for parents to park up safely in side streets, before walking in convoy down to the school gates.