The Christmas Nativity

We have acted out The Christmas Nativity using role-play.


Here are some comments that the children made in response to the story.


“Joseph and Mary was walking all the way to Bethlehem. They have to walk miles away to get to Bethlehem. Jesus was getting born in a stable. The shepherds get to see him and the kings give him presents because he was the son of God.”


“Angel Gabriel came with a message and then the angel said you are having a baby. Angel Gabriel sent a message to a man named Joseph. Then they walk all the way to Bethlehem on a donkey and they have to stay in a stable and they couldn’t find anything for Baby Jesus to lay on something so they had to lay him in a manger. The wise kings come and they bought things.”


“The angel said you are having a baby and they walk far away to Bethlehem but it was closed so they had to go in a stable. Lots of people was in because they had to go in because they’d been told to by King Herod. Jesus was then born. Then when he was grown into a man he said to everyone how to be good.”