Healthy Harvest

In our collective worship time, we learnt about what Harvest is and why we celebrate it. We discussed how fortunate we are to have all the good food and discussed how we could help those who are not as fortunate in our local community. We then brought in food for our Harvest Festival celebration which was donated to CARE (Christian Action Resource Enterprise), a local charity that supports local families and individuals in times of crisis, through their community Daily Bread Food Larder scheme. We also supported another very worthy local charity ‘Harbour Place’, which supports homeless people by donating socks.


Then in our class we thought about how we could have a Healthy Harvest. We looked at the benefits of eating healthy food that has been grown on the land and designed our own smoothies. We created packaging for our smoothie bottles and wrote out the recipe. Then we made a class smoothie and had a taste of it! Some of our class also went home and made our own healthy smoothies.