Science: Heart and Lungs

Within our Science this half term we have been closely studying the heart and lungs.

In our first lesson we looked at our blood and its main components which are, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

In our next lesson we learnt about the circulatory system and how blood travels, which is through the blood vessels (veins, arteries and capillaries).

We then studied the heart closely and learnt the key parts and their functions. Did you know there are four different chambers?

After that, the lungs became our main focus, we looked at the structure and basic functions of the lungs, we also learnt about how the heart and lungs work together to keep us alive.

We then focused on our investigation skills, specifically looking at exercise, heart rate and breathing rate. We found that as we exercise our heart and breathing rates increase.

The last lesson focused on harmful substances and how they can have an impact on our important organs.

To conclude our unit, we undertook a real-life dissection of the heart and lungs. The children were fascinated and excited by our live science lesson. They have been enjoyed and enjoyed the whole unit. Well done 6B!