Kurling competition

Thursday 7th   November 2019 at Franklin College.

We gathered to compete in the Kurling competition. First, we were split up into three groups A, B and C and then got introduced to the kind and caring staff.

Next, we were shown how to use the equipment as we had never used a Kurling pusher (pole) before. They laid out a target on the floor and we had to push the Kurling stone onto the red dot in the middle of it.  We sat down on the chairs and the people in the middle of each team did rock, paper, scissors.  Whoever won had their team go first. Then the games began. We all went against different schools.  We had a nice break when other teams were busy competing. Whilst some of us were on our break we took pictures whilst some of us were busy resting.

We all had a great time and improved our skills.  Team C did really well as they won!  Hurray!


By Abbie and Chloe