On Wednesday 11th March a group of Y3-6 children walked to Weelsby Woods to participate in X-country races against other schools.  There were approximately 138 children in each race.  Year 6 children ran 2000m, year 5 ran 1500m, year 4 ran 1000m and year 3 ran 800m.  Congratulations to Eve Cooper who came first in the year 6 girls race. A brilliant race which seemed no effort at all! Other top placings were Micah 10th, Rothko – 12th, Scarlett -13th, Leo - 13th, Yaela -14th, George B and Cameron - 16th and Jasmine 19th.  All the children tried their best and pushed right until the end.  An excellent effort! The final results have been counted and Year 5 boys came third and Year 6 girls came second.  Our Lisle gang should be very proud of their efforts.  Well done!