PE Kit

PE Kit

Please can you ensure that your child brings both their outdoor and indoor kit on a Monday as PE sessions can change from week to week due to the changing weather conditions.  The following items are needed each week:

Outdoor PE kit

Navy Hoodie

Navy/Black Joggers

Trainers and socks

Lisle Marsden PE top

Indoor Kit

Lisle Marsden PE top

Blue/black shorts

The Lisle Marsden Academy branded PE Kit can be purchased from Uniform Direct.


Points to note:


  • Clearly label every item of your child's PE kit so that we may give it back if found. 
  • Long hair (boys or girls) should always be tied back to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent obscuring vision.  This includes any child (boy or girl) who chooses to wear a long fringe that covers their eyes.  A bobble/tie will enable the hair to be kept away from children's eyes.
  • Please give some consideration as to how you dress your child on the days they have PE lessons, especially children in Reception and Key Stage 1.  If you dress your child in tights and they cannot take them off or put them on by themselves, please teach them how to put them on by themselves, or place them in trousers.   
  • All sports Governing Bodies insist that no jewellery at all may be worn during PE lessons, swimming lessons or extra-curricular sports clubs. This includes watches and earrings.  Medical bracelets or necklaces are, however, allowed, but may need to be taped. If earrings cannot be taken out please provide tape/plasters for them.