Physical Education Vision

We believe that all children should have access to enjoyable, high quality PE lessons and active experiences. We aim to provide motivational activities that offer life-long learning through challenge and competition. It is important for us to show how PE can enhance pupils’ attainment and achievement and to create pathways for them to continue to be active beyond school.  

Teaching Physical Education as part of the National Curriculum allows us to deliver a broad and balanced Physical Education program which helps us fulfill our main aims.


The aims of teaching PE are that all children will:


  •  be physically active and find enjoyment in physical activity.
  •  develop self-esteem.
  •  have an equal opportunity provided for them regardless of gender, religion, ability, social or ethnic background.
  •  develop physical skills, habits and interests that will promote a healthy lifestyle.
  •  develop positive attitudes to physical activity including perseverance, fair play and sporting behaviour, and the ability to cope with success and failure.



  •   learn how physical exercise affects the body.
  •   appreciate and understand the value of physical activity.
  •   develop creativity and problem solving skills.
  •   foster an awareness of safety requirements and responsible attitudes towards themselves and      others.
  •   motivate children to participate in physical activity outside of school and throughout life.


We aim to give all the children the opportunity to extend their range of physical skills and develop their proficiency as well as appreciating the benefits of participation. Through Physical Education, we aim to develop interpersonal and problem solving skills and develop personal qualities such as self-esteem, creativity, confidence, tolerance and empathy.