Sport Council Conference

On Monday 2nd December, eight Y5 pupils, who are part of the sports council, went to find out how to improve their skills to create an even better sports council. There were lots of other schools there. We got split into four groups based on what we would like to do. These were the four roles of ambassadors: Media ambassador, Healthy living/Change 4 Life ambassadors, Coaches and Young ambassadors for sport.

We did an activity like writing a report, doing sports coaching, discussing about leaders and different ambassadors and learning how to be a good sports ambassador.  We all came back together after a fun activity and wrote down different ideas for a better sporty school. It was a competition. We wrote down some ideas about some new clubs and about our health.  Once we had all finished we got to go up to the front and show our ideas. We all thought they were good ones but unluckily one of the other schools won. We all had a great time and came back to school with our heads full of sports.


By Ezra and Tilly