Eco Council
Traffic Survey

We went out before and after school to do a traffic survey. We wanted to stop people from parking on the zigzag lines because it could cost someone’s life. We want to say thank you to all of the people who told us we were doing a good job.

We spoke to 5 people in the morning and 2 people in the afternoon who had parked on the zigzags. We gave a walking badge to every child who wanted one for walking safely and we gave out value tickets. 

After the survey we went back into school for a meeting and we talked about what we had seen. This is what some people said

‘I was shocked that people didn’t move their car straightaway when we told them they aren’t allowed to be there. People just said they were late and walked off’

‘It was too dangerous because they back up and they turn and someone could be behind them and they might not see them’

‘I saw lots of people parking away from school and walking to make it safe’

‘We talked to someone in the morning and then at home time they parked round the corner so we did a good job’

‘I think people should be more considerate of others and not park where they shouldn’t’

We have asked the council to change the times on the signs to make it safer and to put signs and zigzags on Portland Avenue. We will continue to promote walking safely and parking safely in and around school. We will also be organising a monthly walking bus to promote walking for safety and to be more healthy.