Pupil Admissions

Admission Arrangements:

Pupil admissions are managed on behalf of Lisle Marsden Academy by N E Lincolnshire Council.

The Academy is its own admissions authority and as such operates its own admissions policy which differs from the Local Authority as Lisle Marsden Academy is a Church of England Academy (formally a Voluntary Aided Primary School).

A local authority composite prospectus detailing how N E Lincolnshire Council manage the admissions process for the academy is available to parents in the academy main entrance area.

Alternatively parents can contact:

The School Admissions Team

Municipal Offices

Town Hall Square


NE Lincolnshire DN31 1HU

01472 323082

Or alternatively speak to the choice adviser on 01472  323099



Parents can apply for a school place on-line at


For details of the policy and admissions criteria please refer to the policy by clicking on the link below.